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Who are we:

The Nintendo Switch Network is an independent review website, and we review everything related to the Nintendo Switch. Our goal is to provide your one stop shop for picking the right games and accessories for you. Not only do we review Nintendo Switch products, but we allow the community to review as well. Who wants to read the opinion of one journalist when you could read multiple reviews from other Nintendo Switch owners?! You can also vote for you the rating you believe a game/product deserves without even typing a full review.

We have also started branching out and have begun assisting developers who are looking to get their games on the Nintendo Switch. We can help develop a successful crowdfunding fundraiser in order to get the funds needed to get your title on the Nintendo Switch. For more information, please visit our Kickstarter page.

We need you:

The Nintendo Switch Network’s success lies in your hands… we need you to help us grow and become something great. You can help by spreading the word to others, and by following us on all of our social media accounts. If we don’t have what you are looking for or you have suggestions to help us improve, please let us know.

Amazon Links and Advertising:

The Nintendo Switch Network is kept running by revenue earned through Amazon Associates Program. Amazon’s associate program is used to earn small commision from purchases done through Amazon.com. Our goal is to keep all ads and links to a minimum, but they do fund the site. Anything you buy through our Amazon links earns us a small commission so we do appreciate it.


We have our own press access to many contacts within the gaming industry, but we are always looking to network with new contacts. If we have not yet contacted you and you are interested in having your titles reviewed on the Nintendo Switch Network then please get in touch.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach out to us.

  • Austin H., Owner and Editor-in-Chief – austin@nintendoswitchnetwork.com 
  • Anthony T., Writer and Product Analyst – anthony@nintendoswitchnetwork.com
  • Clayton S.,  Writer – clayton@nintendoswitchnetwork.com
  • Kyle R., Writer and Tech Analyst – kyle@nintendoswitchnetwork.com
  • Tony B., Writer – tony@nintendoswitchnetwork.com

Disclaimer: The Nintendo Switch Network is an independent website we are not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. All content, game titles, artwork and associated imagery are copyright material of their respective owners. 

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