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Super Mario Galaxy 3 rumored for Nintendo Switch

super mario galaxy 3

We have found yet another Nintendo Switch rumor: Super Mario Galaxy 3 is possibly in the works. Not only is Super Mario Galaxy 3 rumored to be in production, but also Super Mario Sunshine HD. This is only a RUMOR at this point, so read accordingly.

Charles Martinet, who we all know as the famous voice of Mario and various other Nintendo characters, recently updated his IMDb page.  The link takes you to the cached page which was updated on November 8, 2016 because shortly after Martinet’s page was updated, the content was  removed. So what exactly was updated on his page? The following titles were listed under game titles he has worked on:

  • Super Mario Maker Deluxe (2017)
  • Super Mario Sunshine HD (2017)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3 (post-production, 2016)
  • Untitled Mario Golf Game for Wii U (pre-production)

Why would the information be removed shortly after being posted?

Nobody really knows. Either Martinet was told to remove the items for fear of the games being leaked, or Martinet wanted to tease us. Another big question is why would Nintendo be working on a Mario golf game for the WiiU now that they are discontinuing sales of the WiiU? This really does not make much sense.

Is it possible Super Mario Sunshine HD could be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch? It COULD happen, but there has been no other rumors suggesting this is true. Several sources have stated the Super Mario 3D showcased in the Nintendo Switch trailer is indeed a NEW mario title, so we also doubt it was footage of Super Mario Galaxy 3.

If these rumors are true, the Nintendo Switch will be making a lot of fans very happy. Potentially seeing several large and successful mario releases for the Nintendo Switch within the first year would do wonders for sales. Only time will tell at this point though. What do you all think about this rumor? What are the chances of it being legit?

WiiU Production ending officially

wiiu production ending

Don’t feel too bad about WiiU production ending, the Nintendo Switch should be filling the gap. This also may give us some very cheap black friday WiiU deals! Either way, Nintendo has officially updated their website so it’s confirmed that they will be ending WiiU production.

Granted I can not read Japanese, but on Nintendo’s official Japanese website they have confirmed that the WiiU, “Production is scheduled to end soon”. Here is the original wording if you can read it, “近日生産終了予定 (kinjitsu seisan shuuryou yotei)”. Brownie points goes to Kotaku for finding this information.

What now?:

So what does this mean for the WiiU? Clearly, This means slowly and surely units will become unavailable. Considering how poorly the WiiU sold over its lifespan, it makes sense to replace the system with the brand new Nintendo Switch. Nintendo seems to be headed in the right direction with the Nintendo Switch as long as they execute the launch appropriately. I know many Nintendo lovers are hesitant about the Nintendo Switch after the WiiU catastrophe, which is understandable. I believe Nintendo learned their lesson with the WiiU, and hopefully they can recover with the success of the Nintendo Switch.

With WiiU production ending we will all be able to snag WiiU’s off the shelf for almost free. Time to stock up on the nearly extinct console and wait for the Nintendo Switch to arrive. Which for the record, feels like it’s taking forever.

Entertainment Hero Nintendo Switch

entertainment hero

Entertainment Hero Nintendo Switch has been confirmed to be in development by NEH Wind. What is Entertainment Hero? It is a brand new title being developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Entertainment Hero was created for fans of Mega Man to have a similar title to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch.

Entertainment Hero is a simple 2D platformer which thrives on fast paced gameplay. Gamers play the roll as Hero, as they attempt to navigate their way through many unique obstacles. Entertainment Hero is currently set to release with a total of 10 unique levels. The video below showcases the latest update on Entertainment Hero.

As you can see Entertainment Hero is still a work in progress, but it definitely has potential. Currently levels each last somewhere between 5-15 minutes depending on how experienced you are with this style of gameplay. While there are no plans to add boss fights or power ups currently, it is possible these features will be included in a second release depending on how well received Entertainment Hero is.

entertainment hero

Keep in mind, Entertainment Hero is not being made to compete with large budget releases. NEH Wind is focused on creating a small indie title which gives players their Mega Man fix. NEH Wind is planning to release Entertainment Hero at a price range of $5.00 or under which should make it well worth the price tag. There is still plenty of work to be done on Entertainment Hero before their release, but they appear to be headed in the right direction. Entertainment Hero is planned to release in March 2017 if development goes as planned. NEH Wind wants to make sure Entertainment Hero is an enjoyable title for gamers to play on Nintendo Switch. As we get closer to March 2017, NEH Wind will look into possibly releasing a demo for gamers to freely play in order to leave feedback on what needs to be improved upon.

I will keep this page updated as we received more information on Entertainment Hero Nintendo Switch. NEH Wind releases a new update video at the end of every month on the progress they are making, so be sure to keep up with their Youtube channel for the latest information on Entertainment Hero.

Zelda Twilight Princess Nintendo Switch

zelda twilight princess nintendo switch

Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Nintendo Switch?

If anyone is half as excited about the Nintendo Switch as we are, then you will be glad to hear Tantalus Games have confirmed they are working on a Nintendo Switch title. Tantalus Games are the developers of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which was released on the WiiU earlier this year, so what can we expect Zelda: Twilight Princess Nintendo Switch?

In the interview conducted by Maxi-Geek, Tom Crago, the CEO of Tantalus stated the following.

Question – Given your studios’ history with Nintendo, can you say anything about any potential Switch games you are working on?

Answer – I can confirm that we’re working on Switch, and have been for some time. Our titles haven’t been announced as yet, but keep an eye out for more news soon.

So what can we expect?:

At this time no specifics have been announced from Tantalus, but Crago did mention “titles” which makes me believe there will be multiple release.  Tantalus also went on to encourage players to let them know which titles they would like to see ported onto the Nintendo Switch.

We’ve always worked on Nintendo platforms and now of course after Twilight Princess HD our relationship with Nintendo is stronger than ever. I expect fans will look back through Nintendo’s catalogue and think about which titles they’d like us to bring to Switch. Everyone should feel free to make suggestions on our FaceBook page 😉

I think it is safe to say we may end up seeing Twilight Princess HD release on the Nintendo Switch very early on. Tantalus also seems to be very pleased with the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps they have been working on a new title for the Nintendo Switch? We will keep our followers of the Nintendo Switch Network updated when we find out more news on Tantalus’s Nintendo Switch involvement. Stay tuned for more!

Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Switch

For those of you who do not know, Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch has been announced. Not only is this one of the first console releases from Dragon Quest in quite some time, but Dragon Quest XI will be released right around the time frame of the games 30 year anniversary. Here is what we know so far about Dragon Quest XI:

Dragon Quest XI is supposed to be a breath of fresh air to the Dragon Quest franchise. While the last few releases from Dragon Quest have not been so great, Dragon Quest XI is slated to be a single player JRPG which will closely resemble Dragon Quest VIII which is one of the series best releases. Not only is Dragon Quest XI going to be available on the Nintendo Switch but it is also set to release on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS. Official footage of the PlayStation 4 version of the game was released and can be watched below.

While the footage of Dragon Quest XI does not showcase much gameplay, it does show just how amazing the graphics are. In regards to details of the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI, there has been no mention of what we can expect. On December 29, 2016, Square Enix is set to release more footage and details on this title. The stream is expected to begin at 10pm JST. We can hope to see footage directly from the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI, but since this falls before the Nintendo Switch direct on January 12, 2017 this may be unlikely.

While we may not have any further information on the Nintendo Switch release, we can expect Dragon Quest XI to be available very close to launch. May 27, 2017 is Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary, and Square Enix has stated they would like to have Dragon Quest XI released before this date. With the Nintendo Switch release being just two months before the 30th anniversary, we should expect to get our hands on Dragon Quest XI early on in the Nintendo Switch’s launch window.

Stay tuned, this post will be updated with all of the latest information on Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Switch. Please check out our list of current confirmed and rumored games for the Nintendo Switch HERE.

Cube Life: Island Survival Nintendo Switch

cube life nintendo switch

Yet another title has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, Cube Life: Island Survival and it is also set to be in development for the PS4 and PC. For those of you who are not aware, Cube Life: Island Survival is the first sandbox game released on the WiiU. Cube Life: Island Survival also happens to be the most successful sandbox title on the WiiU.

What do we know about Cube Life: Island Survival on the Nintendo Switch? Not much. The developers, Cypronia, simply announced they were working on a HD version of Cube Life: Island Survival which is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch at an unspecified date. For now, here is a run down of some of the games features if you happen to be interested in the title.

cube life nintendo switch

Game Features: 

  • Creative Mode
    This game mode allows player to build and create whatever their heart desires using any of the materials available in the game. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Survival Mode                                                                                                                                                                            Survival Mode requires players to… survive. Players must explore the map, collect resources to stay alive, and fight your way through the night. Survival mode includes a large map to explore which includes many islands and hidden caves. There is also a mass amount of exploration to be done in the ocean. Players will have to protect themselves from various animals and mobs throughout their journey including: eagles, sharks, giant spiders, wild animals, and even a giant octopus or two.

cube life island survival nintendo switch
Technical features:
Cube Life: Island Survival is a block building open-world game which gives players the freedom to play how they want. The visuals in Cube Life: Island Survival are realistic and they will be HD in the Nintendo Switch release.  Some of these realistic visuals include: water reflections, day/night cycles, and various other features.

Currently there are over 200 items that can be crafted in Cube Life: Survival Island. Most of these items which can be crafted are essential to surviving through the night. Players have the ability to craft weapons, and resourcing tools (pickaxe, axe, fishing equipment).

Cypronia’s goal with Cube Life: Survival Island is to create the best block building open-world sandbox game for Nintendo platforms, and at this point they have accomplished that goal. Cypronia will update us as more information on the title is released. Until then, stay tuned for future updates on Cube Life: Survival Island Nintendo Switch. You can check out a full list of confirmed and rumored games for the Nintendo Switch HERE.

Dungeon of Zaar Nintendo Switch

dungeon of zaar nintendo switch

The Dungeon of Zaar is an online strategy game recently funded through Kickstarter. The good news is, the developers are planning to release the Dungeon of Zaar on the Nintendo Switch. So let’s take a look at what we know about the Dungeon of Zaar so far.

The Dungeon of Zaar is a PVP turn based game which involves a heavy focus on strategy. Battles take place in an ancient dungeon where players fight to uncover hidden treasures. You take the role as an explorer, and your job is to lead your group of mercenaries into the pits of the Dungeon of Zaar. Your team of mercenaries can include knights, and monsters of great variety. Exactly what will you find throughout the Dungeon of Zaar? We will have to wait to find out till it is released on the Nintendo Switch.

Confirmed Features:

Here is a list of the confirmed features for the Dungeon of Zaar.

• Multiplayer Turn-based PVP.

• Hire mercenaries to build your team.

• Online PVP matches, and local matches.

• Deeply strategic levels.

• Quick battles which last about 15 minutes.

• Craft items from materials won from battles including: armor, artifacts, and potions.

• Attempt to claim the Throne of Zaar.

dungeon of zaar nintendo switch

Game Modes:

• Ranked Dungeon mode: 1v1 matches on random arenas of the dungeon. Includes: Counter Pick system, Loot, Ladder, and the ability to become “Zaar’s acolyte” which comes with a special skin.

• Free Dungeon mode: 1v1 matches on random arenas of the dungeon. Includes: Loot, but No ladder.

• Quest mode: Survive through consecutive online battles and loot rare items. Your troops are randomized and if you get defeated once, you’re out for the count.

• Custom games: Play with your friends through custom game modes.

• Local mode: Play with your friends locally through custom game modes.

dungeon of zaar nintendo switch

The developers also stated the Dungeon of Zaar will be a “complete” game, and I believe it with all the features and gamemodes announced. When questioned about specific details/features in regards to the Nintendo Switch release, I was advised they would not be releasing any further information at this time. Stay tuned here at the Nintendo Switch Network for updates on the Dungeon of Zaar for the Nintendo Switch as they are released.