Lachlan Bruce

Lachlan Bruce

Lachlan is a long time gamer from Australia, favouring RPGs and 3d platformers. He is a musician and rabid NFL fan. Lachlan has an unhealthy fascination with the Sega Saturn and spends far too much time playing retro games and the latest Madden, rather than tackling his ever growing backlog of new releases.



Wonderboy the Dragon’s Trap Review

Wonder Boy was an amazing franchise that has long been lost, forgotten, and discarded like so many other great series in history (RIP Alex Kidd). Thankfully Lizardcube have revived the series, bringing it to a new audience that potentially never played the originals on the Sega Master System. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a remake of the third game in the series, and starts you off at the final...[Read More]



Worms W.M.D Review

Team17 are back again with yet another Worms game, finally bringing the series to the Nintendo Switch in the form of a port of the previous year’s Worms W.M.D. With a Worms title releasing seemingly every other year to varying degrees of quality, is this one of the series high points worthy of adding to your collection? Or is this one of the titles you can skip? How many times will I have to write...[Read More]



Xenoraid Review

Another week, another release by 10tons. At this rate they will own half the Switch eshop! In the not too distant future, an alien fleet is spotted heading towards Earth. All attempts at communication have failed, and so we must ready our current spaceships for war and take the fight to them. The story may be simple, but it is effective at setting up the world and getting you straight to the actio...[Read More]



Dimension Drive Review

Dimension Drive is a game that had a rocky start on Kickstarter. 2Awesome Studio had raised the money for their project, then a troll pledge backed out during their livestream in the final moments of the campaign. Thankfully they tried again and now two years later, the game released earlier this year on PC, and has now made its way to the Switch. A multidimensional alien race known as the Ashajul...[Read More]



Riptide GP: Renegade Review

Back in the early 2000’s I became enamored with a little game called Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube. It became my entry into a genre of water based racers that unfortunately died a slow death as the years went by. Vector Unit has thankfully been keeping the genre alive since their 2010 release of Hydro Thunder Hurricane, and now they are porting over their latest release to the Switch, 2016...[Read More]



Dead Synchronicity Review

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for point and click adventure games. This was proven with Bulbboy and Thimbleweed Park, and now we get another port of a recent entry to the genre, 2015’s Dead Synchronicity. Is this a good port? In this game… you are Michael, a man with no memories, awakening in a ruined world caused by a catastrophe called the “Great Wave”. The great wave has destroyed...[Read More]



Sonic Forces Review

Sega releases its second Sonic title of the year, and first mainline 3d game since 2013’s Sonic Lost World. Is this a triumphant return to form for the blue hedgehog? Well… not exactly. The story opens with Doctor Eggman taking over the world with help from Sonic villains of the past, and his new weapon, the mysterious creature calling himself “Infinite”. Infinite defeats Sonic and forces the rest...[Read More]

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