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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo List

zelda breath of the wild amiibo
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As of now, not much is known about the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo coming out for the Nintendo Switch. 

Earlier this year we were able to see the Link Wolf in action at E3, which showed the player porting Link Wolf from their Twilight Princess game into Breath of the Wild for WiiU. We were able to see Link and Wolf Link playing together which is truly awesome. The video showed Wolf Link more as a pet that could help during combat and retrieve objects, (think of dog meat in fallout 4). Based on the Wolf Link compatibility, I would say it’s safe to assume the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo should have just as useful functions.

Image result for link archer amiibo

Link (Archer) Amiibo:

Avg. Price $15.99

Going for 15.99 at most retailers, I’m going to assume that when activated you’re able to get either the arrows, or the bow and the arrows. Well, let’s all hope so because that would be pretty cool. Either way the Amiibo itself looks really well made. 

Image result for zelda amiibo breath of the wild

Zelda Amiibo:

Avg. Price $15.99

It has been hinted that Zelda, a.k.a Sheik, may be a playable character in Breath of the Wild. From the looks of it, it is assumed this Amiibo will spawn Zelda in-game. It is unsure if she will be playable or possibly just used as a vanity pet similar to Wolf Link. I will gladly take any help she can give me in-game. 

Image result for link rider amiibo

Link (Rider):

Avg. Price $15.99

I’m curious about this one, since taming horses is not only an aspect of the game, but the horse itself can actually aid in combat. The Link Rider Amiibo may possibily give you your first horse free, or give you a hooded version of Link. Personally if this Amiibo only spawns a horse I may not pick it up. Unless this hourse is somehow significantly more powerful than the other horses found in-game. 

Image result for guardian amiibo

Guardian Amiibo:

Avg. Price $19.99

If you saw the video where Link got obliterated by that death laser, then you definitely should be excited about this “little” guy. I’m hoping this Amiibo can be used as a tank and sniper hybrid. Either way, the guardian Amiibo is one of the more unique ones available. You can even manipulate the arms as they are bendable. 

Image result for bokoblin amiibo

Bokoblin Amiibo:

Avg. Price $15.99

I’m not sure I’m going to want a figure of an enemy that is not only going to torment me in game, but also looks like it’s mocking my ability to play. I have tiny trump hands dangit! Stop mocking my play style you bokogoblin you!

Image result for wolf link amiibo

Wolf Link:

Avg. Price $19.99

If you’ve played Twilight Princess and finished The Cave of Shadows, than you can port Wolf Link over to Breath of the Wild as a companion pet for help with combat, hunting, gathering, etc. This Amiibo was originally exclusively released as a bundle with Twilight Princess, but if you search around you can find the Amiibo for sale separately. 

What is your take on the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibos? Which ones will you buy? And what do you think they might add in-game? You can talk to us through Twitter @NinSwitchNet or Facebook.

30th Anniversary Zelda Amiibo Released

30th anniversary zelda amiibo
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The 30th Anniversary Zelda Amiibo finally released today! If your an Amiibo collector like me, then you can finally add these Amiibo to your collection. Here is a little rundown on the newly released Amiibo.

This series includes 4 different Zelda themed Amiibo:

  • 8-Bit Link – $12.99 – Buy now at AMAZON.
  • Link – Ocarina of Time – $12.99 – Buy now at AMAZON.
  • Toon Link – Wind Waker – $24.99 2 PACK – Buy now at AMAZON.
  • Zelda – Wind Waker – $24.99 2 PACK – Buy now at AMAZON.

30th anniversary zelda amiibo

I personally love the Toon Link and Zelda combo from the Wind Waker. Nintendo confirmed via Tumblr how these Amiibo will function with Zelda Breath of the Wild. Each of these Amiibo gift players with different in-game items. Sometimes, the Amiibo have the chance of gifting you a treasure chest which may contain a rare item. Here is a list of what each 30th Anniversary Zelda Amiibo give you:

  • 8-Bit Link – A random amount of barrels which may have rupees.
  • Ocarina of Time Link – A random amount of food (meat).
  • Toon Link Wind Waker – A random amount of food (fish).
  • Zelda Wind Waker – A random amount of plants.

30th anniversary zelda amiibo

As soon as I can save up some money I will probably purchase the Zelda/Link Wind Waker pack. I love the Toon Link Amiibo. Will you guys be purchasing any of these Zelda Amiibo? Let us know what you think about this series. If you have not yet, please check out our Amiibo directory HERE. It will eventually be a complete Amiibo resource geared towards providing information on Nintendo Switch support for each Amiibo. In case you missed it, new footage on Zelda Breath of the Wild was released.