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Fast RMX is racing its way to the top of my list of favorite Nintendo Switch game out currently, but there are some minor things stopping it from taking the title. Let’s jump right into this review.. just try to keep up to speed.

Fast RMX is a futuristic racing title which has racers traveling way faster than traditional modern vehicles. Fast RMX offers a wide variety of different ships/vehicles to choose from. Most of these vehicles are unlocked through playing a rather difficult story mode. Each new vehicle unlocked offers slightly better stats than the previous. The whole goal of this game is to come in first, duh, nobody wants to come in last while playing a racing game. FAST RMX also offers different game modes for racers to try out including: Split screen multipayer, Local Switch multiplayer, Story Mode, and online play. I’ll start off with covering the basics of the story mode and driving elements.

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Story mode offers a total of 10 cups with 3 tracks each. The goal is to compete against progressively harder com units as you progress. There are around 30 tracks in the game and most of these require beating story races to unlock. Story mode requires you to place in the top 3 overall for each cup race. Each cup consists of 3 different maps, and each map consists of 3 laps. The story mode is quite difficult for the average racer and it will take some time to master. Although, the difficulty can be adjusted. I tend to pick the hardest difficulty available so that may be why I had such a tough time. Memorizing the tracks plays a key role in success.

The racing mechanics are very easy to get used to. There is an acceleration button, brakes, and the two shoulder buttons allow you to shift the weight of your vehicle which helps with tight turns. Boost can also be collected by driving into orbs which are placed throughout each map. This boost can be used in crucial moments to pass other vehicles or even ram into the back of them which may cause them to spin out.

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On top of the boost orbs, there are also boost pads located throughout each map. The only catch is some of the pads are orange and some of them are blue. You have the ability to switch your vehicle to either of these colors. Matching your vehicle with the corresponding color of the boost pad allows the vehicle to successfully boost across each pad. Driving over a pad while using the incorrect color will cause your vehicle to slow down. Some of these pads require some quick reaction time in order to benefit from them, so keep your eyes open! One gripe I had about the driving mechanics was the lack of “items”. Maybe I’m just looking forward to some Mario Kart, but I think items would make things a little more interesting. I mean even games like Wipeout 2048 had items, and FAST RMX has the same vibe going for it.

Other than Story mode, there is also local co-op and online co-op modes. Local co-op is a real blast. Co-op can be enjoyed via the 2 Joy-con that come included with the Switch which is great.  Online was also quite fun. The only negative with online play is the lack of the ability to play with friends. You are pretty much just randomly assigned opponents online. However, supposedly an update is in the works which will add online friend lobbies. Depending on how groundbreaking the update is, I will update this review accordingly once it goes live. The lack of friend lobbies is a major factor for me. I really love to play with friends online, and especially when it comes to racing games.

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Fast RMX offers plenty of vehicles, tracks, and gameplay to make it worth the small price tag of $19.99. The only thing missing in my book is some items to throw/use against your opponents, and an online friend lobby or a way to coordinate games with other friends. The racing itself is very enjoyable, but it can be difficult at times. The story mode itself may require a few re-dos in order to complete. This is not a negative necessarily for me because I love a good challenge, but others may not enjoy that aspect. There are 3 different levels of difficulty available to choose from though so that is a plus. If you are looking for a title to fix that racing itch you have for your Switch, then look no further. If futuristic racing isn’t your thing then maybe waiting for Mario Kart will be your best bet. F-Zero may never come to the Switch, but this a great substitute.


  • Beautiful futuristic racing graphics
  • Challenging and fun
  • Enjoyable co-op


  • No in-game "items/item boxes"
  • No friend lobbies online


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