FIFA 18 is Coming to Switch and EA Have Promised More Titles to Follow

Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch

Source: FIFA 18 via Facebook 

It was recently announced that FIFA 18 would not just be available to PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows users, but the hugely popular football game would also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. This is great news for Switch football fanatics, as the revolutionary console that can be taken on the move has yet to have a major title based on the beautiful game. Electronic Arts have also promised that the upcoming game will not be the last, and that there will be plenty more FIFA and other sports titles to follow in the future.

The Switch has had an excellent start in its first year, and Nintendo has already shipped five million units of the device in less than a year. It’s clear that the console’s popularity is going to continue skyrocketing, which is why EA have realised that they need to produce content for it in the same way they do for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Unfortunately for Switch users, there is a catch. Because the Nintendo console doesn’t have as much processing power as the other next generation consoles, it won’t be able to run the Frostbite engine. This means that some game modes, such as The Journey, will not be available for the Japanese-made device. This will disappoint some players because the feature which debuted in FIFA 17 was praised by critics and fans alike.

Most of the other main game modes will be on offer, such as the option to manage any team to success in career mode. Once again, it will be difficult choosing a starting team for neutrals, as there are some seriously powerful squads out there now. Manchester United will surely be one of the best teams to play as now that they have added Romelu Lukaku to their ranks. The Red Devils are 9/4 in the football betting to win the Premier League, and are set to be one of the strongest sides in the game. Some players will prefer to take a team up from the lower leagues, though.

The developers believe that the Switch version of FIFA 18 will be the best portable edition of the game ever made, but it won’t be perfect. When users of the console want to play with a friend, they will have to each take a Switch controller. This will mean that there will be fewer buttons available and they won’t be able to incorporate skill moves.

EA have promised that FIFA 18 will be the first of many titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. FIFA supervising producer Andrei Lazarescu said in an interview with Gamespot that he believes the franchise will return to the console after FIFA 18. He also said that future editions on the Switch may include the missing modes if they decide to move to the Frostbite engine for the console.

FIFA 18 is due for release on September 29, and has the potential to be the greatest football game EA have ever made.

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