Fnatic Gear Dual Headset Review

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Fnatic has a whole line of elegant headsets available, and we were lucky enough to be given the Fnatic Gear Dual Headset for review purposes. Are you in the market for a higher priced headset for your Nintendo Switch? If so, this may be a perfect match for you.


Let’s start off with what you get right out of the box. This was the most unique product unboxing I have EVER done in my life. I began opening the package and found a handful of individually wrapped/sealed packages. Inside these packages are each of the prices of the headset. This requires users to actually build the headset from scratch which was very neat. These packages include: A headband, speakers, on-ear buds, over-ear buds, a mic cable, a boom mic cable, a mic splitter, and a lovely drawstring carry bag. I almost felt as if I had been presented with a puzzle, and I enjoyed putting it together. Some may find this annoying to have to put together the headset, but I personally loved the process.

In regards to how the headset looks, it is simple but still stylish. It has a rough rugged vibe to it which is appealing. It is pretty much all gray minus the small splash of yellow on the chords which plug into the speakers.

I would like to mention this headset was very comfortable to wear. The over-ear buds were some of the softest I’ve ever worn. The on-ear buds did somewhat bother me overtime, but I won’t complain since the over-ear buds are included for free. I was able to wear the over-ear buds in upwards of 8 hours with no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

fnatic gear dual headset review


This headset is the definition of portable. This is almost as much as a hybrid as the Switch is. The headset includes two different set ups depending on what kind of gaming you plan on doing. Over-ear buds and the boom mic can be attached to the headband for use as a luxurious at-home headset, and the on-ear buds and inline mic can be attached for a more portable solution. This portable setup is a great partner for the Nintendo Switch. I used this setup for my phone quite often while on the go, and I had no complaints.

The headset itself is quite easy to take apart and put back together which makes it a perfect option for traveling with the Nintendo Switch. I’ve never owned a headset quite like it to be honest. I took the headset completely apart several times to pack it up for a long trip, and it took up very little room. There is really no way to make the headset more portable than what it is.

One negative I will throw in here is the fact the headset has no mic/sound adjustment from the headset itself. This may not be a big issue for some, but I personally like to have this as an option.
fnatic gear dual headset review

Sound Quality:

What? You mean you buy your headsets based on if they sound good? I guess this is possibly one of the most categories of the review. The sound quality of this headset is very sharp. The 40mm speakers are very clear and there is not much to complain about. The sounds quality is especially great for use during gaming. The highs and lows all pack a punch which is perfect for all you audiophiles out there.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I felt as if the over-ear buds packed a much better punch to it. I personally avoided using the on-ear buds as much as possible. Even on the go I preferred to use the over-ear buds. They were more comfortable and kept the sound more focused.

I had a positive experience with both mics included with the headset. I tested the mic on multiple devices including: Xbox One, PC, and my mobile device.

Final Thoughts:

So how do I finish off this review? Honestly, I was very torn with this headset. I personally loved the portability and the comfortability of the headset, but then again, I couldn’t help but think that this headset is slightly overpriced. As far as sound quality goes, this headset is on par with many other headset we reviewed such as the LucidSound LS20 which costs around $99.99. The quality does feel better than the quality of the LS20, and this headset is way more portable, so there is that. I guess it just depends on if you are willing to drop $199.00 on a headset for your Switch. If you have the money available, this headset is a great choice for you. With the Switch and its games costing quite a bit right off the bat, this may be a purchase for late down the road after your wallet has recovered.


  • Very comfortable
  • Amazing quality
  • This headset is the definition of portable


  • High priced
  • No control buttons on headset
  • Over-ear headbuds are the only ones that feel comfortable


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