HDE Mini Portable Dock Review

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Hey Everyone, this is Anthony From NintendoSwitchNetwork.com and I’m reviewing the HDE Nintendo Switch Portable Replacement Dock. This is the first time I’ve ever done a DIY project for the Nintendo Switch, I was a little hesitant at first but the Video tutorial is done so well I was able to put everything together in under an hour.

Now in the box you get pretty much everything you need, the Replacement Dock, screws, 2 screwdrivers, and a written tutorial on how to put everything together. Don’t bother with the written tutorial, just use the link and head straight to the youtube video tutorial. I’m surprised at how well made the Replacement Dock is, I was expecting some cheap plastic but it feels almost as sturdy as the actual Nintendo Switch Dock, just not as thick.

When it comes to building the actual Replacement Dock, I was surprised as to how easy it was to put together, the board only takes 4 screws to hold it in and the USB-C connector also takes 4 screws and that’s pretty much it, where as the Nintendo Switch Dock takes around 15-20 screws to hold it together. In fact I wanted to do a video showcasing the breakdown of the Nintendo Switch and the building of the Replacement Dock, but I couldn’t figure out how to put the Nintendo Switch back together. I’m just glad that this is a review of the Replacement Dock and not a “how to re-build the Nintendo Switch Dock” video. At least that’s my excuse and i’m sticking with it.

Looking inside the Replacement Dock we can see exactly how it’s put together, this was by far the easiest part of the DIY build. Just slide in the LED connector first than screw in the USB-C connector, put the board inside the dock, than hook the LED to the board, Screw in the board and that’s it. The hardest part was trying to make sure the USB-C connector was lined up with the USB-C faceplate, after that everything is pretty simple. If you have been wanting to try this DIY project for fun, or want to have a more portable dock. I highly recommend you pick up HDE’S replacement dock. At 15 dollars it is well worth the price.


  • Great working dock
  • Assembly is pretty basic
  • Very affordable


  • Assembly required
  • No tweezers included


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