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Marcus Sellars
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I and Me is a very unique puzzle platformer where you… control two cats simultaneously? Yup, that’s right. I and Me may be one of the oddest platformers around, but that may not be a bad thing.

Your goal in this game is to simply get both of the cats lined up with two picture frame shaped objects. The catch is the fact that both cats follow each others movements. So, successfully completing each level takes some strategy. This concept is unlike anything I have seen before which is why I had so much fun with the game. I and Me comes packed with 92 levels spread across over four seasons/worlds which range in difficulty. The basics of the gameplay are explained within the first few levels, and each season brings new elements to the table. For example, sheep are later added to the mix of things. Sheep allow you to bounce off them, but if you run into them, you are forced to restart the level. There are also portals added later on that teleport both cats to a portal located somewhere else in the stage.

i and me nintendo switch review
My favorite element to the game is when it begins inverting your controls. This makes it so each cat moves in opposite directions. Good luck trying to keep them both from falling off the ledge or running into spikes. I and Me became very difficult when I got to season 2. I got stuck on a level where I was attempting to get one of the twenty pages (these pages are spread through maps as collectibles), but I couldn’t find out how to both complete the stage and get the page. The completionist inside of me couldn’t barely stand the thought of completing the level without one of the pages to by virtual collectible book. Luckily, in these scenarios, you can press the X button on your controller, and BAM… a handy hint pops onto your screen. These hints will never tell you exactly how to get the pages, because there would be no challenge, but it helps you complete the stage.
i and me nintendo switch review

I and Me has intuitive controls, and there was never a time where I felt the controls were hindering my play through. If you do, nonetheless, want to 100% complete the game.. that will take some determination. There are some very clever ways to get around each obstacle. The graphics and artwork is very basic and plain, but it fits the gameplay very well. The art style looks wonderful on the Nintendo Switch in handheld and on the TV. As a bonus, the in-game music adds to the atmosphere of each season. Each season fits the soundtrack paired with it very well. My favorite season would have to be season 4, the winter season. The winter season has a great Christmas vibe to it. Nothing really beats Christmas music paired with hedgehogs covered in snow.

I and Me has a variety of obstacles, such as the hedgehogs mentioned above, bees, spikes, and even lifts that can move up and down as well as right to left. The winter stages add torches in-game. These torches can be thrown onto animals, or you can carry them around. These torches are vital to seeing the map in the winter stages. What happens if you forget your torch? You will probably walk right into a pile of spikes, trust me, I would know. All of the different seasons include: spring, summer, autumn and winter. These all bring their own unique vibe to the game. This made I and Me less repetitive and more engaging which is important.

i and me nintendo switch review

The level system sort of reminds me of an angry birds/cut the rope mobile game. This is due to the level select layout, and based on the fact you have to complete a stage in order to unlock the next one. This isn’t necessarily a bad feature, because otherwise there would be very little reason to complete each level.

One of my few gripes about this game is I wish the story was more developed. There really is no true storyline to follow minus a few random quotes you are shown before each level. Also, the font was quite hard to read, and I struggled reading most of the words in these quotes. A small little bonus to the game is the credits. Yeah, you heard me correctly. The credits let you interact with them, but I won’t spoil anything more in that regards. I and Me took about five hours to beat from start to finish which is not too bad for only costing $9.99.

I And Me is a very unique puzzle platformer with a concept I’ve never seen before. I would recommend this for gamers looking for a cheap title to add to their Nintendo Switch game collection. I and Me is a quick title that you can get into easily, and also spend quite a bit of time on. Completing I and Me 100% will also take a bit of time which is a plus. No real storyline to follow paired with a poor font choice keep I and Me from being a perfect title.


  • Quirky art style paired with great music
  • Fun platformer that requires determination
  • Affordable price tag


  • No real storyline to follow
  • The font choice in-game is terrible


Marcus Sellars
Marcus loves unique indie games and also likes platformers, rpgs and shooters. He has been a Nintendo fan for as long as he can remember. He is also passionate about animals such as reptiles and exotic tropical fish.

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