Keten Nintendo Switch Travel Case Review

Clayton Shipman
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If you happen to be in the market for a Nintendo Switch carry case, then this is just the review for you. I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Keten hard travel case for review purposes, and it gets the job done.

To start off, the Keten hard travel case works very well with the Nintendo Switch system. The quality is equal to what you would find in a Nintendo branded case. The outer casing has a durable feeling and the handle located on the side of the case is attached very well. The zipper tags feel sturdy, and they don’t feel as if they would loosen up over time. The inside of the case fits the Nintendo Switch system perfectly with the screen side facing up. There is also room for two Joy-cons to be attached to the Switch which is a must. There are also small indentions on each corner of the carry case for the back triggers of the Joy-Cons to fit into. These indetions made me feel as if the Switch was locking into place when stored. 

The top half of the opened case features an attached sleeve which covers the Switch screen when closed. This sleeve also gives you the option of carrying up to 10 game cartridges on the top side. The cartridges can easily be placed and pulled out of the sleeves with no problem. I also did not feel as if the cartridges were being crushed by any means. On the top half of the case, there is also a functional zip up pouch for cables, extra Joy-Cons, and etc. The pouch has a nice non see through mesh covering, and it has plenty of room for the essentials.

Te Keten Hard Travel Case is a wonderful fit for anyone taking their Switch on the go and wants added protection. The case is also deep enough to avoid any thoughts of the system being cramped or crushed when closed and carried around. Overall it’s a great investment and well worth a purchase for those looking for a decent carrying case.


  • Great quality case
  • Offers decent protection
  • Plenty of storage for games


  • No storage room for Joy-cons or charger


Clayton Shipman
I have been gaming ever since I was able to hold a NES controller. While growing up, I obsessed over games and the gaming industry so much it was scary, and as I continue to do as an adult. After spending a decade managing a video game retail store, I decided to pursue a lifelong passion of mine, video game journalism. I figured that 30 plus years of useless gaming knowledge should be put to use somehow.

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