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A gaming headset will be one of the biggest investments you make for your brand new Nintendo Switch. LucidSound was kind enough to send us a review sample of the LS20 headset which is being specifically marketed for use with the Nintendo Switch. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. Let’s a go!

ls20 headset review


I am going to start off by touching base on the look/quality of the LS20. LucidSound is quite a reputable brand, and they never seem to skimp on the quality of their headsets. The LS20 felt super light upon removing it from the original packaging. At first this worried me, but I later found out the headset was still very durable. Don’t get lightweight confused with cheap quality. The headset is constructed using a lightweight high quality metal . The LS20 is also flexible which means it will not snap in half with normal everyday use. In fact, I hesitantly attempted to see just how far I could stretch the headset, and I was able to take it way further than I felt comfortable with. Let’s just say I could pretty much wear the headset as a belt buckle if there was ever a time or place for that.

Inside the box you will receive: The LS20 Headset, an instruction booklet, a detachable 3.5m jack, a USB cable (for charging), and a complimentary sticker which now happily resides on my work laptop. I will touch base on the battery life and such later on in the review, but the real question is how comfortable is the headset?

Comfortability is probably one of my biggest gripes when it comes to headsets. Over-the-ear headphones tend to bother most people if they aren’t designed right, and I try to avoid them. When it came to the LS20 I was very impressed. They fit on my head very snug and the memory foam ear cushions were well received. The cushions really molded to my ears and felt comfortable even with long periods of use. I once kept the headset on for upwards of 4 hours, and I then accidentally fell asleep with them on. Let’s just say I managed to sleep quite a while and the headset still never bothered me. I won’t be replacing the LS20 with my pillow, but you get the idea.


Since people reading this will be possibly buying this headset for use with their Nintendo Switch, it is important to take a look at how portable the LS20 is. The mic and the 3.5m chord are both detachable which is great news. As I stated before, the headset itself is very flexible meaning you can store it in small places. If you end up buying a backpack/messenger bag for your Nintendo Switch, this headset will EASILY fit along with your Switch. This is honestly one of the most portable friendly over-the-ear headsets I’ve ever put my hands on. It is not big and clunky like typical gaming headsets. In fact, at first glance the headset looks more like a pair of high quality headphones used primarily for listening to music. It is much more than that though.

In regards to portability, the LS20 also offers full control from the headset. This means the mic volume/mute, and the headset sound volume can all be adjusted from the headset itself. The left earbud has the USB charging input, the 3.5m jack, power button/mode selection, the mic jack, and a knob which adjusts the volume/mutes it. The right earbud allows you to mute your mic or turn on bass boosting features. The mic can be easily detached and re-attached with no hassle whatsoever. One bonus feature I LOVED is the fact when you mute your mic, the tip of it lights up blue. This way you won’t forget your mic is muted. Cookie points for LucidSound!

ls20 headset review

Sound Quality:

This Hybrid of a headset is able to pair with the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and mobile devices which is amazing. I tested the headset on all devices and had no issues whatsoever. To change your headset mode to work for each device, you simply hold the power button until the color changes on your headset. Red is for PC and Mobile devices (Nintendo Switch), Purple is for the PS4, and Blue is for the Xbox One. I only had one issue with this whole mode changing button. The power button is what you use to change the output mode, and you do so by just holding the button down. Due to this, I had no idea how to actually turn off the headset to preserve battery life. There was no clear instruction for this inside the booklet included. I was finally able to figure out after a day or two that you turn of the headset by holding down the power button for only one second, and then releasing the button. This was quite confusing and I wish there was a separate button for the power and the mode changer.

The sound quality itself is really nice and crisp. The same goes for the mic output quality. I had absolutely no issues with the mic and I’ve been testing it in upwards of two weeks now in total. The bass boosting features are also great! I’m a huge fan a bass so I can’t complain.


The battery is NOT required for use, but it is recommended. It did give me a noticeable quality difference in my mic and sound. This isn’t a huge problem considering I was able to fully charge the headset in about 30 minutes or so, and it usually lasted me around 19-22 hours. This may be a turn-off for some who hate charging things, and it was somewhat for me, but I can’t complain too much considering how well the headset functions.

Final Thoughts:

The LS20 starts at about $99.00 in the U.S. which makes it decently priced for a gaming headset. This hybrid headset is possibly one of the best headsets for your Switch. With voice chat being done through a mobile app, this mobile headset will have no issues working with the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device, and it needs a hybrid headset as a partner in crime. If you don’t mind charging the headset battery every few days, then this would make a great headset for you. The LS20 is very comfortable for long periods, and it is made with great quality. The price point may also be slightly high for those on a budget, but I feel it is worth the price if you can afford it.

This full review can also be found in our digital Nintendo Switch magazine!

Interested in buying the LucidSound LS20 headset? You can buy it directly through Amazon. As of this review, it is currently on sale!


  • Very comfortable
  • Great quality
  • Offers portability


  • Requires charging even though it's wired
  • Power button is difficult to use


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