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Marcus Sellars
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Mr. Shifty is an action packed top down 2D beat’em up style of game, which keeps you enthralled throughout hours of play. Is Mr. Shifty worth the $15 price tag though, or are you better off passing on this Nintendo Switch title?

mr. shifty nintendo switch reviewGameplay starts off quite simple. The tutorial stage teaches you the basic controls in a really well put together map where you learn how to shift, punch, and how to use items. These items vary from wooden broom sticks to swords. All items do break after so many uses, but you can easily pick up more items casually laying around. There is one unbreakable item that you can throw and reclaim in the later stages which is the golden shield. This is the Mr. Shifty equivalent of the Master Sword from Zelda. Overall, the controls are very tight and especially satisfying with the HD rumble that the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

One important detail is if you take ANY damage you have to restart the stage from the previous room. So, bearing this in mind, you must carefully plan out each stage so you don’t end up dying and restarting every few seconds. The checkpoint system really comes in handy in the later levels. They are placed so you aren’t put so far behind that it becomes annoying having to redo the room over and over again.

mr. shifty nintendo switch reviewThe difficulty does great ramped up as you progress through the stages. Your quick reaction time is tested throughout the full campaign. Different scenarios are also unleashed on you. For example, some stages there are machine guns which require you to shift past them to proceed to the next room. This variety of challenges will keep you on your toes, and it breaks the monotony. Mr. Shifty keeps you engaged at all times. I had my adrenaline pumping in many of the stages due to them being very intense. Shifting around and punching multiple enemies in a room can be very hectic and takes precise movements.

mr. shifty nintendo switch review
There is not much to the story sadly. The game starts off by explaining you have been tasked with stealing a rare plutonium. There is really no explanation as to why you have to steal this item, but the games antagonist, Mr. Stone, wants the plutonium as well. Personally, I think the game does not really need an excellent story due to the gameplay being so enjoyable, but others may have a different opinion. Mr. Shifty keeps you coming back for more to get ‘perfect stages’. In order to get a perfect stage, you must get zero deaths, complete the stage quickly. The perfect stages are somewhat impossible after stage 10 or so. The chance of you not dying throughout the full stage at that point are very slim. They are definitely meant for those who enjoy difficult gameplay.

Mr. Shifty does have some minor technical issues where the frame rate occasionally drops when there is a lot happening. This caused my game to randomly crash multiple times. Mr. Shifty crashed twice for me during normal gameplay, and once halfway through the final stage, which was quite annoying as I had sunk about 45 minutes into that run. This issue seems to have been fixed in a post release patch put out by the game developers/publishers. This patch makes the game run substantially smoother which is a huge plus. Mr. Shifty also has not crashed on me since the latest update.

mr. shifty nintendo switch review
If you love quick, action packed, top down 2D beat’em ups, Mr. Shifty is the perfect game for you. I would go as far to say this game is a must have for any Nintendo switch owner. I got so much enjoyment out of the 15+ hours I have put into it. Plus, for only $15, it is hard to go wrong.


  • Great fast-paced gameplay
  • Affordable price for the content
  • Challenging stages for completionist


  • No real story to follow
  • Minor technical issues


Marcus Sellars
Marcus loves unique indie games and also likes platformers, rpgs and shooters. He has been a Nintendo fan for as long as he can remember. He is also passionate about animals such as reptiles and exotic tropical fish.

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