Nintendo Switch Game List

Nintendo has yet to confirm a launch lineup for the Nintendo Switch, but we have several games announced/rumored which are included on our Nintendo Switch game list. Nintendo also released a list of confirmed developers who are on board with the Nintendo Switch which is attached below:

nintendo switch partners

In addition to the list of developers above, there are many additional 3rd party developers who are rumored/announced they are developing games for the Nintendo Switch.

Attached below is the official Nintendo Switch Network list of Nintendo Switch games. Our goal is to make this the most accurate Nintendo Switch game list on the internet. If you are developing a Nintendo Switch game, or if notice we are missing a title, please let us know. Keep in mind this list contains rumored and confirmed games. The status of the game is listed in the chart.

Title sort downsort upRelease Status sort downsort upRelease Date sort downsort upPrice sort downsort upRelease Type sort downsort upDeveloper sort downsort up
RiversideCONFIRMEDN/AN/AN/AZockrates Lab
Shovel Knight: Treasure TroveCONFIRMEDN/AN/AN/AYacht Club Games
Shantae: Half Genie HeroRUMOREDN/AN/AN/AWay Forward
LEGO City: UndercoverCONFIRMED2017N/AN/AWarner Bros.
Skylanders: ImaginatorsCONFIRMEDMarch 2017N/APhysical/DigitalVicarious Visions
Rabbids/Mario RPGRUMORED2017N/AN/AUbisoft
Rayman LegendsCONFIRMEDN/AN/AN/AUbisoft
Just Dance 2017CONFIRMEDMarch 3, 2017N/APhysical/DigitalUbisoft
RimeCONFIRMED2017N/AN/ATequila Works
Guardians of the GalaxyRUMORED2017N/AN/ATellTale Games
Hollow KnightRUMOREDN/AN/AN/ATeam Cherry
Zelda: Twilight Princess HDRUMOREDN/AN/AN/ATantalus
Constructor HDCONFIRMED2017N/AN/ASystem 3
EcoplazaRUMOREDN/AN/ADigitalSyndicate Atomic
Dragon Quest I & IICONFIRMEDN/AN/AN/ASquare Enix
I am SetsunaCONFIRMEDMarch 2017N/AN/ASquare Enix
Dragon Quest XICONFIRMED2017N/AN/ASquare Enix
Project OctopathCONFIRMEDN/AN/AN/ASquare Enix
Dragon Quest XCONFIRMED2017N/AN/ASquare Enix
Project Sonic 2017CONFIRMED2017N/APhysical/DigitalSonic Team
ZarvotRUMOREDN/AN/ADigitalSnow Hydra
EarthlockRUMOREDN/AN/AN/ASnow Castle Games
Puyo Puyo TetrisCONFIRMEDSpring 2017N/AN/ASEGA
Sonic ManiaCONFIRMEDSpring 2017N/AN/ASEGA
World to the WestRUMOREDN/AN/AN/ARain Games
HexHeroesRUMORED2017N/ADigitalPrismatic Games
Yooka LayleeRUMOREDN/AN/AN/APlaytonic Games
Disgaea 5COFIRMEDN/AN/AN/ANippon Ichi
SnipperclipsCONFIRMEDMarch 3, 2017$19.99DigitalNintendo
1-2 SwitchCONFIRMEDMarch 3, 2017$59.99Physical/DigitalNintendo
Pikmin 4RUMORED2017N/APhysical/DigitalNintendo
Mario MakerRUMORED2017N/APhysical/DigitalNintendo
Super Mario OdysseyCONFIRMEDWinter$59.99Physical/DigitalNintendo
Zelda: Breath of the WildCONFIRMEDMarch 3, 2017N/APhysical/DigitalNintendo
MarioKart 8 DeluxeCONFIRMEDApril 28, 2017$59.99Physical/DigitalNintendo
ArmsCONFIRMEDSpring 2017$59.99N/ANintendo
Rhythm HeavenRUMOREDN/AN/AN/ANintendo
Super Mario Galaxy 3RUMOREDN/AN/AN/ANintendo
Super Mario Sunshine HDRUMOREDN/AN/AN/ANintendo
Binding of Issac Afterbirth+RUMORED2017N/AN/ANicalis
RedoutCONFIRMEDSpring 2017N/AN/ANicalis
Entertainment HEROCONFIRMED2017N/ADigitalNEHWind
Xenoblade 2CONFIRMED2017N/AN/AMonolith Soft
Minecraft: Story ModeCONFIRMEDN/AN/AN/AMojang
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Note: If you notice information that is incorrect or outdated, please let us know. We will gladly update it.