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nintendo switch magazine

Our whole team has been designing this Nintendo Switch Magazine over the last few months. Magazines may not be the most popular form of news, but they sure look amazing.

Nothing will look better next to your Nintendo Switch than a whole stack of Nintendo Switch themed magazines.  Plus, this gives us a way to bring the Nintendo Switch community together. This includes bringing the developers into the community and allowing them to interact with the consumers who enjoy playing their games.

The Nintendo Switch Network Magazine will start at approximately $10.99 each issue for the print version. The digital version will be included for free, or you can buy the digital version separate for $1.99. Patrons who pay $1.99 per magazine will also receive early access to the digital version.

Our magazines will feature EXCLUSIVE content that can’t be found anywhere else. We won’t even post this exclusive content on our website. We have already set up exclusive interviews with studios developing games for the Nintendo Switch, and we will continue to include those in every issue we release. On top of exclusive content, we will be including giveaways in each issue of the Nintendo Switch Magazine. These giveaways are exclusive to our Magazine readers in order to thank you all for the massive support. Whether you prefer digital or physical magazines, we will have both available for purchase. The digital version of our magazine will also be available via mobile devices which makes it easy to access.

We are currently planning on publishing issues bi-monthly. Our goal is to publish the issues digitally and physically on the first week of every other month. Patrons will get EXCLUSIVE access of our magazine digitally up to a week before everyone has access to view it. Also, you will only be charged PER magazine we release which will be every other month until we hit our $500 goal. Our first issue is set to release by the first week in January if everything goes well!

We need your help!

All we need from you all is your support! We are not here to make money, our simple goal is to provide the best content for our fellow Nintendo Switch fans. Sadly, designing a magazine does take a lot of work and publishing the magazine takes quite a bit of money. All we ask is that you contribute to our Patreon if you would like to help support the Nintendo Switch Network Magazine. We also need help spreading the word, so please share our Patreon with all of your friends. The bigger Nintendo Switch community we have, the more content we can continue to produce for you all.

SUPPORT our Nintendo Switch Magazine HERE.

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