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Nintendo Switch console

Want to know more about the Nintendo Switch? This page will be update to contain all Nintendo Switch Specs. The Nintendo Switch was recently unveiled as the first portable console with detachable controllers (aka Joy Cons). Not only does the Switch function as a portable handheld with a LCD screen, but it can also be placed inside the loading dock which allows gamers to play on the big screen. Located on the backside of the Nintendo Switch is a built in stand which allows the Switch to be propped up for viewing/gaming.

This concept potentially allows users to enjoy console quality games either from home via the docking station which streams to the TV, or on the go. Nintendo has stated the Nintendo Switch is going to primarily function and sell as a complete home console. Nintendo also mentioned the Nintendo Switch would not be replacing the Nintendo 3DS. Here is the official trailer for the Nintendo Switch.



Nintendo stated the following about the Nintendo Switch:

The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from. The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an output to the TV, as well as charging and providing power to the system.

Nintendo has also stated , the “Joy-Con” controllers will come as an included part of Nintendo Switch retail system.

nintendo switch specs

Confirmed AMIIBO support:

One of the few confirmed features of the Nintendo Switch is support for Amiibo. When Nintendo was asked directly if the Nintendo Switch would work with Amiibo, they stated, “Absolutely. If a Nintendo Switch game supports Amiibo, then the Nintendo Switch home gaming system will as well.”

It seems as if Amiibo has become a successful branch of Nintendo so it makes sense to include support for Amiibo. Also, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild announced support for Amiibo which is one of the confirmed release titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Rumored Nintendo Switch specs/features:

Nintendo has yet to fully confirm many Nintendo Switch specs, but there are many rumored specs going around from developers who are currently developing games on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is rumored to have a 6.2-inch, 720p screen which also features 10-point multitouch capabilites. Nintendo has yet to confirm or release a trailer showcasing the systems touch screen capabilities. The Nintendo Switch is also rumored to have 4GB of RAM. This has NOT been confirmed yet, but it is twice the power of the WiiU and only half of our current gen consoles (XboxOne and PS4). We could speculate all day on possible features, but we will update this page as we receive further information that is confirmed.

Nintendo switch amiibo support

Nintendo Switch Release date/Launch details:

Currently, the Nintendo Switch is set for a release date in March 2017, but we will find out more information on January 12, 2017 when Nintendo hosts a press release dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. This press conference should reveal a full list of specs, along with a confirmed release date and confirmed price for the Nintendo Switch. You can check at the constantly update list of current games announced/rumored for the Nintendo Switch HERE.

Sources are currently stating the Nintendo Switch will be released on March 17, 2017. This information was released by Laura Dale who has been known to reveal fairly accurate leaks in the past. The same source also stated the following:

Nintendo is working on a Rhythm Heaven game with Nintendo characters. Switch bundles will be $260 for basic, $300 for Mario bundle, and $340 for Zelda bundle with Pro Controller.

Supposedly Mario Kart “8”, Smash Bros, and Splatoon will all be launch titles. These games are rumored to be “directors cuts”, which will include ALL previous DLC plus additonal content. It is also rumored Nintendo is working with retailers in order to provide a service which will allow you to trade in your WiiU games for the Nintendo Switch version.

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