No friend codes on Nintendo Switch rumor and more

no friend codes

As we wait for the Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12, 2017 we really do not have much to talk about except for rumors. Today we have a whole handful of rumors including the rumor that Nintendo will be no friend codes on the Nintendo Switch.

Youtube user OBE1plays was streaming when the infamous source of Nintendo Switch leaks Laura Kate Dale showed up. OBE1plays and Laura did a Skype call which was broadcasted to Youtube. The 30 minute stream consisted of both of them discussing and answering questions about the Nintendo Switch. Here is a brief round up of all the most important topics they discussed.

  • There will be NO friend codes. DeNa will be assisting with the network Nintendo has set up.
  • There is a button to record gameplay on the left Joy-con.
  • Laura stated Red Dead Redemption will most likely not come to the Nintendo Switch due to Nintendo’s relationship with Rockstar.
  • Laura also stated Overwatch may make it to the Switch but the port would have to be completely remade to work on the Switch.
  • Laura and OBE1 were asked about voice chat but they jumped around the question stating they would be covering that news shortly.
  • The Switch will have Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Joy-cons will be available for purchase separately and the docks will be as well.
  • The Pro-controller will not be available in a bundle with the Nintendo Switch.
  • The battery power will last around 3 hours with everything at maximum.
  • The Switch uses a USB charging port.
  • Only 3 GameCube Virtual Console games will be available at launch.
  • Only the gray colored Nintendo Switch will be available at launch.
  • The right Joy-con has an IR pointer similar to the Wii remote.

As always these are ALL just rumors. If you wish to watch the full Youtube video, you can check it out below:


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