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Perhaps one of the more popular puzzle games on the Switch; Puyo Puyo Tetris is a combination of both Puyo Puyo, and Tetris. Of course, there are tons of modes to play around with as well, including an odd, yet captivating story mode.

One thing that stands out in this game is how you are given the choice to either play Puyo Puyo, or Tetris; which means you can choose the one your better at. It’s always a blast playing with your buddies, especially when you are able to get a very satisfying combo; and then watch their screens get overwhelmed as they are doomed to lose. Although it sure isn’t as much fun when you are the guy that keeps losing.

puyo puyo tetris review

Puyo Puyo is a game where you are given two “puyo” at a time. They are both attached to each other, so your goal is to rotate them and place them on the screen. In order to clear the puyo you must line up four of the same colored puyo. Once four are connected, they disappear and give you points. The key to getting more points is by getting combos! Once a pair of four puyo disappear, the puyo on top of them will fall. Place your puyo in strategic places to have groups of the same colored puyos fall on each other. If this forms another group of four puyo, BOOM, combo!

Tetris is a fairly popular game many are familiar with. You are randomly given a colored block that has a unique shape to it. Your goal is to simply place the blocks on the screen and completely fill up lines. Colors don’t matter is Tetris, but the shapes do. Complete more than one line at once and get huge combos!

puyo puyo tetris review

One of my favorite things about Puyo Puyo Tetris is that it requires you to think on your feet as the pieces pop on the screen. You can play against a friend with the exact same blocks or puyos, but yet your screens will always look completely different. The key is knowing how to use what your given. Sure, in some cases you’ll need some luck to get that darned long piece, or you’ll need that one color; but strategy always pays off. As you progress you will learn how to recover quickly, and get back on track in time to send that gnarly combo at your poor opponent. After that, you’ll be sure to hear them shout, “Rematch, rematch!”

puyo puyo tetris review

The story mode of this game is quite weird at first, but once you start to get further into it, you’ll realize it’s a whole lot weirder than what you first thought. Your goal to complete a variety of unique challenges against very odd characters  including: a singing space fish, a bear squirrel scientist, a keeper of the dimensions, and even a comet warlock that loves sweets. I do not really understand all of these odd characters, but honestly it kept me very intrigued. There are plenty of story levels to complete and many are quite difficult. Completing the story levels unlocks characters you can use in other modes. Successfully completing levels also rewards you with currency which can be used to buy multiple things in the shop. This is where you can buy different looks for the Puyos, or Tetriminos, as well as different voice options for your characters. You can also listen to all of the songs in the game in the sound test menu, which I would say is a plus.

In addition to the interesting story mode, there are a variety of different modes. There is just the basic Puyo Puyo, or Tetris mode, or you can choose to play Swap, where you play both at the same time. Then there is Fusion where you play on a Puyo Puyo map with a mix of Tetris blocks which can either help you, or completely screw you over. Also, there is Big Bang, which is a personal favorite of mine, where you have to get as many points in 1 minute.

puyo puyo tetris review

One of my personal favorite parts of the game, is just how difficult it can be to play online. Before you even attempt to play online, you’ll want to be an expert at either Puyo Puyo or Tetris, those online modes sure are difficult. One complaint about the online mode is that some matches can just be flat out unfair. In fact, my very first online match consisted of me attempting to beat a guy who had over 1,400 more points than I had (Every win gives around 50 I think).

Overall, this is a fun party game that is bound to either break friendships, or make you want to stop playing the game for a while. I would say that it is worth the price tag if you enjoy puzzle games. If you don’t enjoy puzzle games, you probably won’t enjoy Puyo Puyo Tetris. The game can become monotones quite quickly even while playing with friends, and online mode can be terribly unfair, but there is a lot of content to be enjoyed.


  • Good competitive puzzle modes
  • Lots of content
  • Good fusion of two different games


  • Online matchmaking is unfair
  • Gameplay can become monotones
  • Only appeals to puzzle lovers


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