Rocket League Review

Marcus Sellars

Rocket League saw its major surge in popularity when it became the free game of the month back on PS4. Since then it has taken the world by storm, having a massive presence on YouTube and Twitch. Now Rocket League is out on the Nintendo Switch and is even more awesome than ever!

Rocket league is a game with no story, it instead revolves around intense futuristic racing football battles. You control a rocket propelled RC car, and you use this car to push a foot/soccer ball into the goal post, which gives you points. You play versus other players around the world, and whoever gets the most points wins. There is a lot more to the game though. You’ll need to perform a handful of tricks to have an edge on your opponents. This is where the strategy comes in and you need to think on your feet if you want to come out on top. Keeping an eye on where the ball is landing will be a must so you can plan your next moves. You could go with dribbling/pushing the ball around the arena, or you could perform an aerial move.

rocket league nintendo switch review

How you approach Rocket League matches is completely different for everyone and this strategy can change constantly depending on the situation you get put in. When I first played Rocket League I was quite taken back by the skill of the players you face online. The game does have a good matchmaking system though so you won’t be facing people way above your skill level at the start.

In terms of game modes, you have plenty to enjoy. If you like going head to head against a single player or just having chaos in 4v4 there’s a mode for everyone. I found it is easier to start off doing 3v3 matches so you can learn how other people approach the ball. When you feel more confident you can jump into an intense battle of 1v1. When playing 1v1 you have to be very aware of your opponent. One wrong mistake can lead to an opponent scoring a goal. Since you only have yourself to rely on to cover the full arena, you don’t want to be too aggressive and go too far outside the goal.

rocket league nintendo switch review

If you aren’t playing the football mode, you’ll probably be playing hoops which is an extremely fun take on basketball. Aerial shots are more prominent in this mode so you’ll have to be somewhat good at them. There are also several other game modes in rocket league too, but I just wanted to highlight the more popular and most important ones.

The graphics are amazing on the big screen and at 60fps it runs silky smooth. In handheld mode the game does look noticeably worse; especially when looking at your car as it has a blurry tint to it. I am glad that the developers, Panic Button, went with having a consistent frame rate on both handheld and TV though as this is crucial in Rocket League. When playing in handheld mode you do get used to the slight graphical downgrade as you aren’t just staring at pixels the full match. I found myself playing in handheld mode the most as it does feel like the best way to play the game!

If online isn’t for you, there’s also a local multiplayer, and a practice mode where it sets you up for different shots. Local multiplayer is great with friends as you can just have a good laugh no matter how experienced you are. There is a VERY competitive Rocket League scene, and it’s one of the leading eSport games. So, you should always be able to find matches online if you don’t have anyone to play local multiplayer with. So really no matter if you want to purchase rocket league to play casually or competitively, it’s a great game and there are options for everyone.

rocket league nintendo switch review

Rocket League does have loot boxes in the means of cosmetic items which don’t effect gameplay at all. You can get these crates from matches and they each have their own rarity that contain some random items. Depending on the rarity of the crate, you are more likely to get rare items which do make your car look awesome! If you are wanting a certain item but don’t have any keys or crates, you can trade with people online. This allows you to give your items up for ones you want. Personally, I think Rocket League would be better off with the ability to do voice chat on this version, as it this option is available on other consoles. This would make communication a lot more seamless and less painstaking. I say this because you have preset text messages which you can message people by pressing the d-pad or you can type out sentences or at least try to.

At the £15.04/$19.99 price tag (I know its random) it is 100% worth the expense, and if you are interested, you will most likely enjoy it! It has so much content to offer and you can easily sink hundreds of hours into matches. Rocket league is a very unique game and it works surprisingly well on the switches hardware.


  • Fun competitive gameplay
  • Awesome exclusive Nintendo themed cars/accessories
  • Game runs smoothly


  • Game graphically suffers in handheld mode
  • No voice chat


Marcus Sellars
Marcus loves unique indie games and also likes platformers, rpgs and shooters. He has been a Nintendo fan for as long as he can remember. He is also passionate about animals such as reptiles and exotic tropical fish.

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