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Clayton Shipman
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Shephy is a unique card game that utilizes… sheep. To start off in a very blunt way, Shephy is an odd game. Is it worth the $4.99 price tag for your Nintendo Switch?

Shephy is a single player card game, and it almost resembles Solitaire. The goal of each game is to make one sheep multiply into one thousand sheep within three rounds. This isn’t some sort of sheep breeding game, but it is almost just as odd. Players are dealt a hand of cards, and you are then required to play each card. Once all the cards are played it marks the end of that round.

Shephy Nintendo Switch Review

The big catch is there are good and bad cards you are dealt. Some cards help multiply your sheep, and others kill them off. There are also some cards that help discard the bad cards trapped in your deck. If all your sheep are killed, then it’s game over. Also, if you reach the end of round three and you have not reached one thousand sheep, it’s game over. Essentially it comes down to being dealt a good hand and knowing which cards to discard when given the chance.

After playing for several frustrating hours, I quickly learned you are sometimes destined to lose the game no matter what you do. Success usually comes down to getting good cards dealt to you. This is terribly annoying considering the fact sometimes you have no way to win. The cards dealt to you are severely unbalanced.

Shephy Nintendo Switch Review

Along with the normal game mode, there is a Challenge Mode. The goal in challenge mode is to get MORE than one thousand sheep, which is hard enough to do in the first place. Then there is a “Post Love” mode which is the main story mode for Shephy. This is a silly story to follow along with. The story contains small cutscenes which features hand drawn art resembling the art from the cards themselves. The levels in the story mode involve a variety of challenges. These challenges are paired with special decks of cards. These story levels are even more difficult than the normal game.

The learning curve is far too high when you first start playing. After some practice, the game continues to stay difficult, but not in a good challenging way. This high difficulty curve is primarily due to the unbalanced card system. The humor found in story mode is somewhat enjoyable, and the cards themselves have unique original artwork.

Shephy Nintendo Switch Review

The in-game music is baaaad, but after playing several games, you just learn to just tune it out or turn it down. Shephy is not the worst game by any means, but it is a frustrating card game. Shephy does not give players a way to control the outcome of every game, and the difficulty curve is far too high. If you purchase Shephy you will end up just hoping for a good hand of cards each time you play. Even with a price tag of $4.99, there is nothing super appealing about Shephy.

Shephy fell asleep at the wheel, and was only able to count 3.5 out of 10 sheep.


  • Unique artwork and humorous story


  • Unbalanced cards dealt
  • Baaaaaad in-game music
  • Frustrating difficulty curve


Clayton Shipman
I have been gaming ever since I was able to hold a NES controller. While growing up, I obsessed over games and the gaming industry so much it was scary, and as I continue to do as an adult. After spending a decade managing a video game retail store, I decided to pursue a lifelong passion of mine, video game journalism. I figured that 30 plus years of useless gaming knowledge should be put to use somehow.

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