SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

Marcus Sellars

If you haven’t heard of the SteamWorld Dig franchise then you must be living under a rock! SteamWorld Dig 2 is the second game in the series, duhh, but is it worthy to be a part of the SteamWorld franchise?

SteamWorld Dig 2 carries on from the story presented in the first SteamWorld Dig. I’ll quickly fill you in without spoiling too much. The protagonist, Dorothy, is on the search for Rusty who went missing at the end of the first title in the series. The core gameplay is great, and I really dug it (ba-dum-tss)! The addictive mining nature of the first game is just as fun here. In addition to the core gameplay, there are also plenty of collectibles for post-game content. The world is very deep and has lots of areas to explore including caves that lead to secret areas. Don’t leave any stones un-turned, or you’ll probably end up missing something valuable.

If you do happen to miss something, you can always revisit areas later. You can do this by visiting a teleporter which you can find every so often. The teleporter brings you up to the surface which allows you to regenerate your health and your water supplies which is crucial to survival.

steamworld dig 2 review

Resources are key in this game, and they all have different values. Some will be highly sought after and sell for the big bucks, but others can be a waste of space. This is not a joke. If you do not manage your inventory correctly, you will run out of space, and this can cut your journey short. If you are anything like me you will find yourself running out of space real quick. This is where upgrades play a huge role. Hard earned currency can be spent to upgrade your bag which allows you to hold more stuff.

The upgrade system is extremely useful and forces you to grind to get what you want. You have the choice to pick what kind of upgrades you would like. So, if you rather upgrade your pickaxe or your light, go for it. Some upgrades require cogs to equip them. Cogs can be found by completing challenges or finding bright shiny gold boxes. These boxes are hidden out of view so you’ll have to find them by digging past or through them. I really enjoyed this system of upgrades. It does not allow you to upgrade too quick, which is good because the game is already quite easy. I only died a handful of times and that was either because of a rock falling on my head, or I failed to manage my resources efficiently.

steamworld dig 2 review

The enemies are easy to defeat and they are usually only a pain if you are low on hearts, or if you are being reckless. The enemies can be used to your advantage sometimes. For example, lava birds can be knocked into walls to destroy them quicker. I found using enemies to your advantage was actually quite useful. The enemies can also blow up something you wanted to keep too though.

The hub, also known El Machino, serves as your one stop shop for your very need. This is where you trade your precious minerals in for currency. As you dig you will also come across awesome abilities like grappling hooks and sticky bombs. All of these abilities rocked, and I found myself using them constantly to find new areas that I could not access prior to having the abilities. The concept of requiring abilities to access new areas kept me engaged. This concept also gave me the desire to go back through old areas to collect new items.

steamworld dig 2 review

The controls are accurate and precise throughout the full game, and all abilities work as they should. Using hook shots and wall jumps are very satisfying and they work great. I enjoyed having the ability to wall jump as it makes navigating the expansive worlds a lot easier. The graphics are also beautiful and capture the steampunk world greatly. The lighting in areas is charming and the atmosphere and ambiance is enchanting. The music is one of the best highlights in the game and even the pause menu music is catchy! I was especially captivated when wearing headphones. In terms of replay-ability there are a ton of collectibles to go back and find if you didn’t find them the first time through. There is also the option to create a new save file and carve out another unique world, as two worlds will never be the exact same.

SteamWorld Dig 2 is crushing it on the eShop charts, and that’s due to the fact it’s the best indie game on the system right now. The controls are spot on, and the music is mesmerizing. Don’t dig your own grave, dig a hole in your wallet and buy this game. SteamWorld Dig 2 was built off a great platform, and it has an engaging story. I give Steam World Dig 2 a 9.5/10, as it is crushingly amazing, and it really is an amazing sequel. The only thing stopping this title from being perfect is the enemy difficulty.


  • Engaging gameplay and music
  • Accurate controls and useful abilities
  • Tons of replay-ability


  • Enemies are very easy to beat


Marcus Sellars
Marcus loves unique indie games and also likes platformers, rpgs and shooters. He has been a Nintendo fan for as long as he can remember. He is also passionate about animals such as reptiles and exotic tropical fish.

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