Super Mario Galaxy 3 rumored for Nintendo Switch

super mario galaxy 3

We have found yet another Nintendo Switch rumor: Super Mario Galaxy 3 is possibly in the works. Not only is Super Mario Galaxy 3 rumored to be in production, but also Super Mario Sunshine HD. This is only a RUMOR at this point, so read accordingly.

Charles Martinet, who we all know as the famous voice of Mario and various other Nintendo characters, recently updated his IMDb page.  The link takes you to the cached page which was updated on November 8, 2016 because shortly after Martinet’s page was updated, the content was  removed. So what exactly was updated on his page? The following titles were listed under game titles he has worked on:

  • Super Mario Maker Deluxe (2017)
  • Super Mario Sunshine HD (2017)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3 (post-production, 2016)
  • Untitled Mario Golf Game for Wii U (pre-production)

Why would the information be removed shortly after being posted?

Nobody really knows. Either Martinet was told to remove the items for fear of the games being leaked, or Martinet wanted to tease us. Another big question is why would Nintendo be working on a Mario golf game for the WiiU now that they are discontinuing sales of the WiiU? This really does not make much sense.

Is it possible Super Mario Sunshine HD could be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch? It COULD happen, but there has been no other rumors suggesting this is true. Several sources have stated the Super Mario 3D showcased in the Nintendo Switch trailer is indeed a NEW mario title, so we also doubt it was footage of Super Mario Galaxy 3.

If these rumors are true, the Nintendo Switch will be making a lot of fans very happy. Potentially seeing several large and successful mario releases for the Nintendo Switch within the first year would do wonders for sales. Only time will tell at this point though. What do you all think about this rumor? What are the chances of it being legit?

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