Top 3 Features I want on the Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch top 3

There has been a lot of talk about the Nintendo Switch recently in regards to rumored features. While we still do not have confirmation for many of these rumors, I would like to talk about the top 3 features the Nintendo Switch NEEDS to have. In no particular order here is my top 3

Smooth Online Capabilities:

Let’s face it, Nintendo has slacked over the years when it comes to online features for their consoles. The Nintendo Switch HAS to be nearly on par with the PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to the online experience. This generation of gaming relies heavily on multiplayer and playing with friends, and Nintendo needs to keep this in mind.

This brings up the question on whether or not people would be willing to pay for a Nintendo online subscription similar to the yearly Xbox live fees. I feel like this would be a no-brainer, YES. Xbox and PlayStation have proven gamers will happily pay a yearly subscription fee to play online. The Nintendo Switch needs to bridge the gap between the WiiU and the current gen systems. A smooth party chat/messaging system is a must. This is especially true if Nintendo plans to create a competitive eSports community.


Hi, my name is Austin and I am addicted to achievements. The first step on the road to recovery is to acknowledge that I have a problem. On a serious note, bring on the achievements Nintendo! Nintendo is literally the only company who has yet to integrate an achievement system on their gaming devices. I personally get so much more out of games I play when I have achievements to work towards.

It would also be interesting to have some sort of rewards system tied to these achievements, although that may be way too much to ask for at this point. I would be glad to just have some sort of achievement system.

Multi-tasking and a BEAUTIFUL user interface:

The Nintendo Switch needs to be able to SWITCH between apps/games and the UI. The 3DS does not have any multi-tasking whatsoever, but the PlayStation Vita on the other hand has shown the ability to multi-task rather well. On the topic of multi-tasking, I am also hoping to see a variety of streaming apps available on the Nintendo Switch. I currently own the Xbox One and it doubles as a gaming system and smart TV due to all the apps available. The Nintendo Switch needs to have these in order to compete with the Xbox One and PS4.

The user interface is also important to me. I specifically would like to have the ability to customize the main home screen with wallpapers. Nintendo handhelds have yet to have much of any customization whatsoever, and this hybrid system should be the first to do so. Nintendo needs to go big or go home at this point. Everything revealed so far seems to be very promising, and I am beyond hyped for the Nintendo Switch.  I’m just hoping Nintendo does everything they can in order to recover from the path they took with the WiiU. What features would you like to see on the Nintendo Switch? If you haven’t heard yet, GameCube Virtual console is rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Austin H.
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Austin H.

Austin enjoys long walks on the beach with his Nintendo Switch while enjoying the reflection of the sunset. Well... the Nintendo Switch has not been released yet, so he just dreams about that at night. Austin is known to talk about himself in third person and refers to himself as Clint Eastwood at times.
Austin H.
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