Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Review

Clayton Shipman
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At first glance, the Ear Force PX24 headset looks like your everyday, run of the mill Turtle Beach headset, but it may be slightly more than that.

To start off, It has a very “cushiony” band on the top, so it steers away from beating up the top of your head when wearing it. The dual ear pieces are an over-ear design, which have the same comfortable feeling as the band. Not once did they feel uncomfortable or annoying in any way for me. Which is saying a lot, because I have a huge dome and most headsets do not sit well on my melon after a few hours. The headset boasts 50mm stereo speakers that produce very nice and clean audio, through my dozens of hours of use, I did not come across any problems sound wise.

No crackling, audio cuts, etc. Everything was top notch. The headset is extendable on both sides and it has a non-detachable microphone that can swivel to either side of the headset, depending on if the user would like it on the right or left. The microphone is also a goose-neck, so you can set it anywhere around your face and not worry about it moving. The noise cancellation is great, I tested this by recording my voice, with my wife talking in the background, standing behind me. The recording only picked my voice up, also ignoring the fan that runs in the room and the AC vent that blows right on top of my desk. I was really impressed by that. The PX24 is a wired headset, which I personally prefer. Although, the cable is only a little over 3 feet long, so you will have to be fairly close to whatever it gets plugged into. It happens to be perfect length for some portable Switch gaming. It features a 3.5mm headphone jack, so it’s compatible with everything you can possibly imagine.

As I said, the PX24 headset looks like a normal headset, but it has something that sets it apart from the others. It has a separate piece of equipment, the Ear Force SuperAmp. A small device that the headset plugs into to give it some extra options. The SuperAmp has another foot and a half of cable, extending on the 3 feet on the headset, and has a 3.5mm headphone jack at the end. This device has several functions, for one, it has a volume control option. Along with a nice big red mute button that lights up when in use, and works nicely when you want to avoid everyone hear you sneeze during online gameplay or a live stream. The SuperAmp has a button in the center that serves as a function select. With individual presses, you can cycle through the different options that allow you to change volume on the respectable choice.

First off is the basic audio option, changing the volume of the entire audio through the headset. Second, you have a virtual surround sound option, allowing you to change the volume of the surround sound of course. Third, you have the ability to change the volume of the mic monitoring, the ability to hear your own voice when talking through the headset. The fourth option allows you to change the volume on the variable bass boost. With headsets I’ve had in the past, the volume options have always been basic. It’s nice to see a variety of options setup for the PX24 headset.

The last feature of this neat little SuperAmp, is something Turtle Beach is calling, Superhuman Hearing. The button for this is right next to the mute option. It lights up a cool looking blue color when activated. What Superhuman Hearing does, is amplifies every piece of audio coming out of the headset. Imagine surround sound times ten, you will hear every footstep of a character running up behind you, the wind that blows past you, the explosions in the distance. I used this headset extensively while playing through Breath of the Wild. When using the Superhuman Hearing option, it was amazing on what I was hearing through the headset. It does more than just turn up the volume on you, it sends every piece of audio through the speakers in crisp, clean, surreal fashion. I found myself always using this sound option when the PX24 headset was on my head. I was so impressed by the sound, that I had to show my wife. She then took them from me and continued to use them for a few Binding of Isaac runs. Superhuman Hearing is the best feature on this headset, hands down.

A short, 2 foot micro USB cable is included with the headset. Its purpose is to charge the SuperAmp. Yes, the SuperAmp has to be charged for use, the one of the very few downsides I found. Luckily the battery holds around a 30 hour lifespan. It also features an on/off switch for when it’s not in use. On the side of the SuperAmp, it has a small switch to swap from “Xbox One/PS4” to “PC/Mobile”. I tested both options and each one worked just fine on all devices, so I’m not too sure what it’s there for.

The SuperAmp is also fairly light in weight, not once did I feel like the device was pulling on the headset cable or weighing me down. One last small downside to this headset, if you plan on using it for PC as a headset and microphone, you will need a PC splitter cable if your computer requires the pink/green inputs, this headset does not include it. Overall, the PX24 headset is a very nice quality piece of hardware. The sound was consistently amazing, with no problems in the audio. The comfortability is surprisingly outstanding, and that is coming from someone that has a hard time finding a comfortable headset for extended gaming sessions. The individual volume options are a welcome addition from other headsets. The SuperHuman Hearing feature is incredible to use on any media. The only downsides, which are very minor gripes, are the very short cable and having to remember to keep the SuperAmp charged to avoid it cutting out in the middle of gameplay. In the end, a very enjoyable headset that is worth a purchase.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 headset gets a very audible, 8/10.


  • Comfortable during long gaming sessions
  • Very lightweight
  • Great audio quality


  • Requires charging even though it's wired
  • Cable is slightly short


Clayton Shipman
I have been gaming ever since I was able to hold a NES controller. While growing up, I obsessed over games and the gaming industry so much it was scary, and as I continue to do as an adult. After spending a decade managing a video game retail store, I decided to pursue a lifelong passion of mine, video game journalism. I figured that 30 plus years of useless gaming knowledge should be put to use somehow.

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