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WaterField makes a variety of handmade leather cases. Most of these cases are available for laptops and other gadgets, but they have released several Nintendo cases in the past and they have now released a line of cases for the Nintendo Switch. WaterField was kind enough to send us the CitySlicker Grizzly case, and I was beyond impressed right out the gate. This is a review well worth reading if you are still looking for a case for your Switch.


waterfield cityslicker nintendo switch case review

Where do I even begin? The quality of a handmade case like this can NOT be beat. Factory made cases simply have nothing on this beautiful Nintendo Switch case. The CitySlicker case looks very professional and sophisticated to say the least. There are 4 leather color options available to consumers including: crimson (red), blue, grizzly (brown), and black. We were sent the Grizzly colored case and the leather on it looks and feels amazing. This is not made from cheap pleather (plastic leather) if that is what you are worried about. Take a look at some of the product specifications below:

– Full-grain cowhide leather flap
– Ballistic nylon body
– Rear power mesh pocket
– Soft liner

Weight & Dimensions:
Switch CitySlicker: 10.5″ Length x “1.5” Width x 5″ Height; 7.5 oz.

All of their products are also hand crafted locally in San Francisco. They use “naturally-tanned, lightly treated leather” for each case. This means each case is unique and one of a kind. It is very easy to see the natural texture of the material which looks great. When it comes to quality, I honestly doubt any other company can compete with the WaterField line of products. Still skeptical? This video put together by WaterField may give you a better idea of what to expect with this case:



Protection is obviously an important factor to consider when it comes to buying cases for a $300 device. The Nintendo Switch CitySlicker case is built more so for design and quality, BUT protection was definitely a consideration during the process. Obviously hard shelled cases would usually protect devices somewhat better than soft clothed cases, but WaterField worked some magic with this soft case. The leather on the front of the case is actually quite thick and offers a decent amount of protection.

waterfield cityslicker nintendo switch case review


This leather flap is not the only protection offered, because there are 2 cloth barriers inside the case which hold the Switch device. The front side of the cloth barrier is red and is known as the “red pocket”. This red pocket actually has a cutout which leaves room for the Joy-con thumb sticks to breathe without being smashed. This feature is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a case. In addition to these cutouts, this red pocket is made from Ultrasuede micro-fiber which protects and even cleans off your screen every time it is inserted/removed. You can tell WaterField put a lot of thought into make this case. Behind the back cloth barrier leaves room for a small amount of storage. On top of the 2 internal cloth barriers, the outside of the case is made from ballistic nylon which acts as 2 additional barriers for protection. The outside materials are slightly thicker than the internal materials and they can certainly protect the device from small falls.

waterfield cityslicker nintendo switch case review

I test dropped my Nintendo Switch several times inside the case from about 4 feet in the air and experienced no damage to my device. These tests were all done indoors, but it should protect a handful of falls outside depending on the conditions. I have confidence the case would protect my Switch from nearly any “casual” fall/drop. I don’t want to give everyone a guarantee, but I definitely felt safe with the case. In fact, more so than with many hard cover cases I’ve tried. This is simply due to the fact that this case offers way more internal protection than other cases on the market. The only very very very small gripe when it comes to protection would be the front 2 button clasps that keep the case closed. Basically, 2 magnetic buttons keep the case sealed up. While test dropping the case the buttons never came undone, but I could possibly see them opening up from a bigger drop. The magnets are very strong, so I wouldn’t be too worried. This is me being a nit-picky reviewer. These are some of the strongest magnets I’ve ever seen on a case.


As far as storage goes, this case has plenty of it. There are individual slots for 6 games on the front side of the case, but this does not count the games you could fit in the back zipper compartment. The front slot for games is a perfect fit and the games are easy to take out when you need them, yet they don’t accidentally slide out on their own which is perfect. The back zipper compartment actually has enough room to carry the standard AC adapter for charging, although, it is a tight fit. They do not advertise the case as fitting the charger and it may be pushing the back pouch to the limits, but it does indeed fit and allow the zipper to close.

waterfield cityslicker nintendo switch case review

The back zipper pouch has been confirmed to fit the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 external charger. I am sure it would probably fit many other external charges on the market. The inside of the case comfortably fits the Switch with the Joy-con attached. There is also some room inside the case for extra games or maybe even some in-ear earbuds. WaterField provided us a list with all the items the CitySlicker Nintendo Switch case specifically has room for:

  • Switch Console with attached Joy-Cons
  • 2 Straps
  • USB-C cable
  • HDMI cable
  • 5 Switch game cards or MicroSD Cards
  • Anker PowerCore+ 20100 fits in rear pocket
  • The Leather Game Card Holder can hold an additional 10 Switch games and fits in the back pocket.

The storage space suffices for taking your Switch on the go. I was able to carry everything I needed and there was still leftover space. Obviously, if you are looking to pack in full-sized over ear headphones and the Switch dock with you then you may need to consider a backpack of some sorts. WaterField sells a Multiplayer Pro Case which has room for the Nintendo Switch dock and much more. Hopefully we can get our hands on that bag sometime in the future!

There are also several optional hardware add-ons for those who may be interested. I put together a lit below:

  • 1″ Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap extends to 54″
  • 3/8″ Leather Shoulder Strap made from full-grain leather
  • 3/8″ Leather Wrist Loop made from full-grain leather
  • Optional Aluminum Carabiner
  • Optional Brass Nickel-plated Carabiner


So to quickly recap this review I found the quality to be amazing, the protection to be very good, and the storage to be very sufficient. This is by far the BEST case I’ve seen available for the Nintendo Switch. The WaterField CitySlicker Nintendo Switch case is worth every penny. I plan on buying another one just so I can have multiple colors. Sure, the price tag may scare some consumers away, but if you are willing to pay $60 for a Switch game, then you should be willing to drop $79 on a case that will protect your $300 investment. This is a quality made case that I will no doubt be using forever. There are other good cases on the market, but this is my personal favorite by far currently. The WaterField CitySlicker Nintendo Switch case can be purchased via clicking the text.


  • Gorgeous case made with great quality
  • Offers good protection and storage


  • Price tag may be out of budget for some


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