Zelda Twilight Princess Nintendo Switch

zelda twilight princess nintendo switch

Zelda Twilight Princess Nintendo Switch? It is a possibility. If anyone is half as excited about the Nintendo Switch as we are, then you will be glad to hear Tantalus Games have confirmed they are working on a Nintendo Switch title. Tantalus Games are the developers of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which was released on the WiiU earlier this year, so what can we expect Zelda: Twilight Princess Nintendo Switch?

In the interview conducted by Maxi-Geek, Tom Crago, the CEO of Tantalus stated the following.

Question – Given your studios’ history with Nintendo, can you say anything about any potential Switch games you are working on?

Answer – I can confirm that we’re working on Switch, and have been for some time. Our titles haven’t been announced as yet, but keep an eye out for more news soon.

So what can we expect?:

At this time no specifics have been announced from Tantalus, but Crago did mention “titles” which makes me believe there will be multiple release.  Tantalus also went on to encourage players to let them know which titles they would like to see ported onto the Nintendo Switch.

We’ve always worked on Nintendo platforms and now of course after Twilight Princess HD our relationship with Nintendo is stronger than ever. I expect fans will look back through Nintendo’s catalogue and think about which titles they’d like us to bring to Switch. Everyone should feel free to make suggestions on our FaceBook page 😉

I think it is safe to say we may end up seeing Twilight Princess HD release on the Nintendo Switch very early on. Tantalus also seems to be very pleased with the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps they have been working on a new title for the Nintendo Switch? We will keep our followers of the Nintendo Switch Network updated when we find out more news on Tantalus’s Nintendo Switch involvement. Stay tuned for more!

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